People First

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People First is an organization of People with developmental disabilities who are learning to work together on how to find their voice.

Using different tools, such as peer mentoring, we discover our true identity by living, working, and making new friendships.

We embrace our rights and responsibilities that we meet each and every day when making decisions.  These challenges strengthen our commitment to educate our neighbors on who we are.

People First is run BY and is FOR people with developmental disabilities.



We learn:

  • To find our voices
  • To stand up for ourselves and our peers
  • Leadership skills
  • To run our own meetings
  • To identify and history
  • To make system wide changes
  • To be involved in our own neighborhoods
  • How to make friends
  • How to organize chapter functions and conventions
  • How the political system works
  • Respect and kindness for each other

Contact Us:

Monica Becerra


(559) 271-9699

Steven Rogers

Vice President

(559) 271-9699

The Fresno People First Chapter meets the second Monday of each month.  For specific dates, times, and locations please call Sabrina Price at 559-271-9699


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