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Call For Action

Call Budget Subcommittees
Keep the Pressure on Through Thursday!

The squeeze play is on, and we have to react now.
In his budget, the Governor sent a message: NO MONEY. No money for the community, no more money on developmental centers (as soon as he can close them). No money for a wide range of other programs.
Then, Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley offered in her conference call what sounded like a dare. When service providers protested that they couldn’t go on without more funding, she said the administration is “open to honest negotiation with the Legislature.”
So, there you have it: We need the Legislature to stand up to the Governor-and we need them to specifically stand up for the DD Community.

We Need Phone Calls
This has to start with the Budget Subcommittees, and they could be through with the DDS budget in the next few days. So, we need everyone who cares about the community (YOU, other staff, self-advocates, family, and friends) to call the DEMOCRATS and tell them to SAVE THE COMMUNITY. Put the 10% in the budget!

Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 – Health and Human Services

Member Party Phone
Tony Thurmond (Chair) Dem (916) 319-2015
Rob Bonta Dem (916) 319-2018
David Chiu Dem (916) 319-2017
Shannon L. Grove Rep (916) 319-2034
Brian W. Jones Rep (916) 319-2071


Budget Subcommittee #3 – Health and Human Services

Senator Party Phone
Holly J. Mitchell (Chair) Dem (916) 651-4030
Bill Monning (Vice Chair) Dem (916) 651-4017
Jeff Stone Dem (916) 651-4028


Then, you can call the Republicans, thank them for their support and urge them to keep fighting for us.

If you can make more phone calls, hit the leadership:

Party Phone
Kevin de Leon, Senate President Pro Tem Dem (916) 651-4024
Mark Leno, Senate Budget Chair Dem (916) 651-4011
Toni G. Atkins, Assembly Speaker Dem (916) 319-2078
Shirley N. Weber, Assembly Budget Chair Dem (916) 319-2079


We Need People in the Room
If you can keep going, call your own legislators and urge them to contact Tony Thurmond, Holly Mitchell, and the other leaders!
We won’t know until the day before when exactly the DDS budget will be addressed, but we know it will be soon, and we need people there watching . . . INTENTLY.
The Assembly Budget Subcommittee meets Monday, May 18 at 1:30
The Senate Budget Subcommittee meets May 19 and 21 at 9:30 or when the Senate adjourns

We Need to Keep the Pressure On
This is hard work, on top of the other work you need to do. But, just as you know that you have to be consistent and persistent with some clients, we now have to treat the legislature with equally persistence. 

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